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After a grueling day at the office...Return home to your beautifully landscaped abode, which boasts 2,185 square feet of pure tranquility. Enter, take your shoes off and let the relaxation begin; feel the coolness of the tiled floors beneath your feet, as you stroll throughout. Grab a snack or prepare hors d'oeuvres & cocktails in your gourmet kitchen, with its abundant granite countertops and the beautifully crafted island with wooden cabinetry. The openness overlooking an inviting livingroom allows you to work while still interacting with each other or guests. Dart into your master space, and enjoy a spa escape within your master baths garden tub. Emerge Invigorated! Whether you follow up with a family barbeque or a guest filled event, you're sure to appreciate this oversized backyard. Later, find yourself gazing at the pond or just curling up with a great book in your favorite lounger on your spacious wooden railed covered patio, overseeing a backyard space allowing for the most pampered of pooches to romp and fetch. At days end, retire to your master space for a peaceful nights rest and prepare to repeat... Информация найденна на сайте http://www.realestate.com


Andria Hickman